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How to Build Your Brand, Bring in Business and Become a Well-Known Expert In Your Field

You are brilliant, but you are currently leaving opportunities on the table.

You are great at what you do, and you know it.

You've built an impressive reputation, climbed the ladder and checked all of the boxes.

You're a best-kept secretknown and highly respected by your colleagues.

But there are thousands of people outside of your core network who need what you have to offer and simply don't know that that you exist.

Being great at what you do gets you far.
Knowing how to sell and promote what you do unlocks your next level.

It's time to be more visible and make a higher contribution in your field.

When you step into your role as a natural thought leader:

  • You get sought out for timely insights on current events
  • You become a trusted resource
  • You contribute to industry and spark much-needed conversations
  • You share a fresh perspective and model the next generation of authentic, capable leadership

And in the process of becoming more visible and making a higher contribution, you develop valuable personal and professional skills like:

  • Being able to use your voice confidently
  • Being willing to put your ideas out there
  • Capturing media attention
  • Asking for what you want and need
  • Networking better and forming mutually beneficial professional relationships

Welcoming greater visibility and leadership in your field positions you to:







"My first speaking engagement was at Yale Law School, and I've already made six figures in my second venture."

“I decided to join Own Your Expertise® because my purpose made it viscerally uncomfortable to continue playing small. 

After working with Titilayo to develop my speaking offers, my first speaking engagement was at Yale Law School. I've already made six figures in my second venture and am continuing to scale my social impact significantly.”

Intellectual Property Attorney

You know you need to "get out there" more, but there are so many moving parts.

💭 Is anyone interested in what I have to say?

💭 How do I start to build my personal brand?

💭 How do I even land media engagements?

💭 Will this detract from my work?

💭 What if am not the sales or marketing type?

We know there can be a lot of confusion and overwhelm when you are leveling up into thought leadership. If you don't have a plan to follow, you can skip critical steps, waste valuable time and spin your wheels with busy work that doesn't yield tangible results.


A 90-day coaching program to help you become more visible and make a higher contribution in your field

Experienced Professionals • Senior Executives • Self-Employed Consultants • Emerging Leaders • Non-Profit Professionals

Own Your Expertise® combines high-touch coaching, personal feedback, step-by-step training and templates to make sure you have everything you need to go from best-kept secret to go-to thought leader in your field.


Here's how it works:

We analyze your unique thought leadership style and design a visibility strategy that fits your goals, strength and time capacity.

We develop the core personal brand assets you need in order to become the go-to thought leader in your field (without burning out or adding too much to your plate).

We'll choose your visibility platform and guide you through pitching media and speaking engagements and teaching your first webinar. You'll use our templates, scripts, checklists and workflows to implement a repeatable process that you can leverage again and again.


Own Your Expertise® is a step-by-step, 90-day, done-with-you sprint where we clarify your unique thought leadership style, create your core personal brand assets and set up the systems to attract clients and visibility opportunities on repeat.

We know that you are a busy professional, so we've structured this program for maximum impact in minimal time.

Meet the Founder

Titilayo Tinubu Ali is an attorney, nonprofit executive and leadership coach who specializes in helping experienced professionals and consultants become go-to thought leaders in their fields.

Titilayo began her career in communications, placing experts on major news outlets including CBS, NBC, NPR and FOX. She brought those communications skills into her career in law and education policy, and she developed this program to give professionals the personal PR and business development skills they need to rise into greater levels of influence and impact.

She is a trusted coach and speaker on visibility, strategic communications, business development and executive presence, and she has taught workshops and keynotes for audiences at Square, BumbleBizz, King & Spalding, Hello Alice, Ms. JD and many others.

Titilayo earned her B.A. from Spelman College, M.A. from Columbia University and J.D. from UC Berkeley School of Law.

What's inside Own Your Expertise®?


Step-by-step trainings on how to build your professional platform, package your expertise, set up your professional brand assets and systems, and publish and promote your expertise through speaking, media interviews, articles and online platforms.


Get all of your questions answered on the exclusive group coaching calls only available to Own Your Expertise® clients. Bring your questions and obstacles, and we will troubleshoot, work through mindset challenges and strategize to keep you moving forward.


Each week, you have the opportunity to submit your work for to our team of coaches for feedback. Our team will review the assets you are creating and provide expert insights on the personal brand assets, thought leadership content and systems you create in the program.


Designed with busy professionals in mind, you'll receive planning templates to help you determine how to balance thought leadership activities with your schedule, set goals, and manage your workflow.

You can join Own Your Expertise® from anywhere in the world and participate right from home.

We have a vibrant, diverse community of professionals from all niches including law, engineering, tech, public relations, education, project management and more.

You can complete the program from the comfort of your couch or kitchen table all that is required is access to the internet. The program is completely digital and accessible through our private program portal.

During your onboarding call we will help you create a custom action plan so that you know exactly what steps to take first.

Who is Own Your Expertise® for?

  • You have experience in your field and are great at what you do (most of our clients are mid-career and senior professionals)
  • You are interested in becoming a more prominent thought leader in your field
  • You are ready to invest time, effort and resources into yourself to make this happen sooner rather than later
  • You are ready and willing to take feedback and trust our proven process it only works if you do

Who is this NOT for?

  • You are new in your career or transitioning into a new field (our methods start with a foundation that you already have a some experience and a proven skillset)
  • You are not interested in being a more prominent leader in your field (having some hesitation is normal, but you have to be willing to grow into more visibility in an authentic way)
  • You would rather go it alone instead of following a proven process

Ready to Own Your Expertise®?

We are so excited to see if you’re a good fit to work with us. You're applying for an invitation to a private training where we break down the Own Your Expertise® Framework for becoming a more visible and impactful leader in your field. You will also get all of the program details so that you can determine if the program is a right fit for you.

Be as detailed as possible with your answers so that our team can determine if the program aligns with your goals. Before moving forward, please note that the program investment is $5,500. If you would like to get started, please enter your contact info and answer the two questions below. We review every application in detail and will be in touch within 2-3 business days.

We're looking forward to hearing from you.

"I've already gotten 3 speaking engagements and secured 12 clients on a waitlist for my services."

"I decided to take the leap because it was finally time to take action towards building a new life and career. I have a lot of expertise and needed help channeling my skills and experience. I knew I wanted to consult but needed help and guidance to do it on my own terms in a way that serves my clients.

Just being part of the accelerator, I’ve already gotten 3 speaking engagements, secured 12 clients on a waitlist for my services, and made a clear, valuable decision on who I do and don’t work with.”


It's time become more visible and make a higher contribution in your field.

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