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Are you a mid-career or senior-level professional who wants to land media and speaking engagements in your industry without adding too much to your plate?

Own Your Expertise® is a high-touch visibility accelerator where I show you the exact methods I've used to help emerging leaders and executives like you elevate their personal brand and share their knowledge with people who need it in just 12 weeks.


You're great at what you do, and you know you need to get "out there" more.

Does this sound familiar? You want to...

  • Better promote yourself
  • Feel more confident
  • Reach more people with your ideas
  • Package and sell your expertise
  • Bring in more opportunities
  • Make a higher contribution in your field

But right now you're...

  • Turned off by the idea self-promotion
  • Resistant to (or absent from) social media
  • Not sure how to find an audience
  • Worried about adding more to your plate

Trying to figure things out on your own has left you more overwhelmed.

  • It's hard to keep up with the ever-changing advice and tips
  • You're exhausted from trying to be everywhere online
  • You're unsure which activities yield the best return
  • Business and marketing "experts" are too sales-y and don't understand your field
  • You're short on time and don't want your visibility activities to become another job

Going it alone hasn't worked because...

  • You've been piecing together information
  • You're following advice that doesn't feel good
  • (Like many people) you didn't learn self promotion skills on the way up the ladder, so you're starting from scratch

So how do you become a more visible leader in your field without it becoming another job?

You develop a streamlined strategy tailored to your unique goals, capacity and strengths and apply smart public relations and communications principles to your career so that you can attract promotions and leadership opportunities you deserve

When you become a visible thought leader in your field, 8 key things happen:


You become absolutely head-hunted and known in your field


You are more empowered because you can create new opportunities instead of waiting to get picked


You bring in business and add more value to organizations and teams


You cultivate relationships that open doors to unexpected career and leadership opportunities


You position yourself for promotions, appointments and leadership opportunities


You make more money through speaking and consulting and raise your lifetime earning potential


You add your voice to important conversations and spark new ones


You gain more credibility and build personal brand equity that travels with you throughout your career

By implementing our strategies, our clients have booked speaking engagements, doubled their rates and gained more confidence within weeks.

Here are some results clients have achieved after working with us.

Intellectual property attorney

“I decided to join Own Your Expertise® because my purpose made it viscerally uncomfortable to continue playing small. 

After working with Titilayo to develop my speaking offers, my first speaking engagement was at Yale Law School and my online content garnered an invitation to keynote at the U.S. Department of Commerce. I've already made six figures in my second venture and am continuing to scale my social impact significantly.”

Instructional designer

“Over the course of participating in Own Your Expertise®, I developed a clear vision for how to start consulting, where this could possibly lead, and I reaffirmed my value in the space I intend to consult in.

My first consulting gig is actually in the works, and I feel like a world of opportunities opened up.”


"I decided to take the leap because it was finally time to take action towards building a new life and career. I have a lot of expertise and needed help channeling my skills and experience. I knew I wanted to consult but needed help and guidance to do it on my own terms in a way that serves my clients.

Just being part of the accelerator, I’ve already gotten 3 speaking engagements, secured 12 clients on a waitlist for my services, and made a clear, valuable decision on who I do and don’t work with.”

This is why I created Own Your Expertise® —the most comprehensive accelerator for professionals who want to become visible, credible experts in their fields.

There is no other program that combines the best of communications, leadership development of public relations principles and walks you step-by-step through the entire process of clarifying and communicating your expertise, from start to finish.

Created by a communications consultant, attorney and nonprofit leader who has been where you are, this program packages the best of leadership, marketing and visibility training into a simple step-by-step format appropriate for a professional context.

We address the internal and external steps to elevating your expertise in a way that fits your busy lifestyle and nurtures your career for years to come.


A 12-week visibility accelerator for professionals who want to elevate their personal brand and land media and speaking engagements without the overwhelm.

Executives • Senior and Mid-Level Professionals • Consultants • Entrepreneurs

Own Your Expertise® is a proven framework developed from over ten years of leadership, visibility and business coaching helping clients achieve incredible results.

The program combines high-touch coaching, personal feedback, step-by-step training and templates to make sure you have everything you need to go from best-kept secret to go-to expert in your field.

What's included in Own Your Expertise®

Access to the 3-Month Own Your Expertise Program® (Virtual and Accessible Anywhere)

Designed with busy professionals in mind, the program includes bite-sized, step-by-step trainings on how to clarify and communicate your expertise, from start to finish.

Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Titilayo

Every month, we will have live online coaching calls where you can get all of your questions answered in a group setting.

Bring your questions and obstacles, and we will discuss your visibility strategy, bio, speaking topics, fears and mindset challenges and any program-related questions.

Monthly Coworking and Momentum Calls

Meet with your peers and our coaching team to work through the program exercises and receive practical implementation support to keep you on track.

Weekly Reviews of Your Work

Each week, you have the opportunity to submit your work and receive 1:1 feedback in a group setting. You'll received personalized and expert feedback on your personal brand assets, bio, speaking topics, media pitches, etc.

One of the many benefits of our group format is that you'll receive valuable insights from the feedback we give to others.

Our Full Library of Templates, Checklists and Scripts

As you progress through the program, you'll receive templates, checklists, scripts and tutorials for everything to help you implement faster.

This includes access to our fillable Google docs and spreadsheets for conducting audience and media research, developing your speaking topics, pitching outlets, polishing your online presence, and more.

A Private Community of Likeminded Peers

You don't have to do this alone. Surround yourself with driven professionals ready to take their leadership to the next level. Ask questions, make connections, get support and see what's working for others as they step out as more visible leaders in their fields.

Here's what we'll do together inside the program

Clarify Your Expertise

We'll start by clarifying your unique expertise and standout positioning in your field. After establishing your Expert Archetype, we will design a sustainable visibility strategy with that aligns with your strengths, goals and capacity.

Create Your Personal Brand Assets

We'll develop the core personal brand assets that are key to establishing a magnetic presence online. We will help you target your visibility activities based on data you uncover about your Ideal Audience, and we will optimize your content plan and visibility offerings for impact and reach.

Connect With Your Audience

We will help get your first (or next) 100 email subscribers of people interested in learning from your expertise, and we will set up systems that allow you regularly communicate with your audience in less time.

Communicate Your Knowledge

You'll choose your primary visibility platform (based on data from our assessment in Phase One) and implement your unique visibility strategy. We will guide you through pitching for media and speaking engagements, and you'll use our templates, scripts, checklists and workflows to implement with ease and flow.

Own Your Expertise® is for you whether you're an


We help executives and emerging executives improve their brand presence and leverage the power of technology to become more influential leaders and rainmakers in their fields.


We help employees think entrepreneurially and leverage the power of personal branding to elevate their leadership profile, bring more brand awareness to their organizations and become go-to resources inside of their organizations and beyond.


We help you develop your visibility strategy or optimize the one you have for more influence and impact.

How do I know if I'm ready to join Own Your Expertise®?

This is not a fit if:

  • You are new in your career or transitioning into a new field (our methods start with a foundation that you already have a some experience and a proven skillset)
  • You are not interested in being a more prominent leader in your field (having some hesitation is normal, but you have to be willing to grow into more visibility in an authentic way)
  • You would rather go it alone instead of following a proven process

This is a fit if:

  • You have experience in your field and are great at what you do (most of our clients are mid-career and senior professionals)
  • You are interested in becoming a more prominent thought leader in your field
  • You are ready to invest time, effort and resources into yourself to make this happen sooner rather than later
  • You are ready and willing to take feedback and trust our proven process it only works if you do

We're on a mission to help professionals become powerhouses.
And you're invited to join us!

We are now accepting applications from mid- and senior-level professionals who want to become visible, credible thought leaders in their fields. If you're ready to stop waiting for opportunities and start creating opportunities, apply now. The deadline ends in:


Apply for the Own Your Expertise® Accelerator

We are excited to read your application. We only accept those we believe we can genuinely help and who are a good fit for the program. Here's how the Own Your Expertise® application process works:

—First, you apply. Take 2 minutes to complete the short application below. Please be as detailed as possible and take this opportunity to tell us why you would be a good addition to program.

—Next, we assess. You'll receive an email confirming our receipt of your application that clearly lays out the next steps.

—Then, we accept. Once your application is accepted, usually within 48 hours, you'll be invited to an exclusive private training to learn more about our 4-part framework and get an invitation to join us inside the program. If we determine our program isn't a good fit for you, we will direct you to other resources or programs that may be more aligned.

Meet the Founder

Titilayo Tinubu Ali is an attorney, author and nonprofit leader with 17 years of experience helping nonprofits, professionals and entrepreneurs share their knowledge through broadcast, online and social media.

Just a year after graduating from Spelman College, she launched a consulting firm to elevate experts and their ideas through writing, publishing, media placements on local and national outlets including CNN, NPR and NBC and The Washington Post.

She later earned her master's degree from Columbia University and law degree from UC Berkeley, and brought her communications skills into the law, research and policy sector to help professionals establish impactful personal brands.

Titilayo developed the Own Your Expertise® training program to provide a roadmap for emerging and executive leaders become go-to experts in their fields and she would love to help you next.