We help professionals become powerhouses.

Every day, we see brilliant people miss opportunities to earn more and make a bigger impact with their hard-earned expertise.

Being great at what you do is one thing. Knowing how to be a rainmaker and create new opportunities requires a completely different skillset.

And in a new age of work where so many connections and career opportunities take place online, it's even more important to know how to build the brand of you.

We help emerging and executive leaders become go-to thought leaders in their fields so that they can:

  • Step into greater levels of leadership
  • Generate more business and make a bigger impact
  • Become trusted resources for clients, colleagues and the media

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Our Company

Own Your Expertise, LLC is a fully remote, Atlanta-based education and coaching company that helps professionals become visible leaders and go-to experts in their fields. Our signature program, the Own Your Expertise® Accelerator helps professionals elevate their online personal brand and land media and speaking engagements using our proven system. 

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help people see themselves as the experts they are and share their knowledge with audiences who need it. We are known for our world-class training programs, client successes and results, and staying on the leading edge of online education and coaching. 

Meet the Founder

Titilayo Tinubu Ali is an attorney, author and nonprofit leader with 17 years of experience helping nonprofits, professionals and entrepreneurs share their knowledge through broadcast, online and social media.

Just a year after graduating from Spelman College, she launched a consulting firm to elevate experts and their ideas through writing, publishing, media placements on local and national outlets including CNN, NPR and NBC and The Washington Post.

She later earned her master's degree from Columbia University and law degree from UC Berkeley, and brought her communications skills into the law, research and policy sector to help get research into the hands of people who need it.

Alongside her career, she has been a trusted coach and speaker for c-suite and emerging professionals on visibility, strategic communications, business development and leadership. She has conducted trainings at law schools, law firms, colleges and corporations including Square, BumbleBizz, King & Spalding, Hello Alice, UC Berkeley School of Law, Spelman College, Ms. JD and many others.